Lucy Sinsheimer

1. I want to own a comedy club 2. The strangest place I’ve ever been is Fuzhou, China. I studied abroad in China and took a train there and it was the most bizarre city I’ve ever seen. 3. I’ve had kidney stones an abnormal amount for my age and no doctor has figured out […]

1. My dream is to own a comedy club one day 2. The weirdest place that I’ve ever been to is Fuzhou, China and I went there when I was abroad for a semester.   3. I’ve had kidney stones an abnormal amount of times for a person my age. 4.

Ayla Brooks

I have two Snakes,  No-Face and Curious George. I also have a dog named Hank. I enjoy writing random stories I absolutely love video games.  

Amy Mautz

Three fun facts: 1. My middle name is “I” (as in “eye”). My parents are still unsure of what the “I” exactly for and or means. 2. I broke my nose in the 3rd grade. 3. Despite being from Ohio, I have a fear of cows and many other large land mammals. Image from Google […]